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But that’s not all! Knowledge is power so we will be bringing all kinds of provocative, insightful and money-saving articles and strategies to you. Enjoy them and feel free to pass them along to friends and family! Some of these are available right now:

"The Re-Birth of Coupons" One of the most interesting examples of the powerful and fluid dynamics in a free-market system has been the resurgence of coupons from the edge of extinction to the "new", powerful and even preeminent marketing channel.

"Save Money and Save Taxes with Coupons" While this important fact is rarely discussed, it's something that every consumer needs to understand and enjoy!

"Three Simple Steps to Financial Peace of Mind" Many of us are living beyond our means and the smallest ripple in the economy can capsize our financial boat. But there are 3 simple steps that can really bring financial peace of mind.

"There's got to be a better way!" Are you tired of struggling along… wishing that somehow you could use your determination and true grit to develop a business of your very own that is truly unlimited in its growth as well as its earnings potential? But you've become something of a skeptic - you know if it sounds too good to be true, you just aren't interested. Having been there too, with nothing but dead-end "opportunities" in my future; by God's grace I found a real chance to work really hard and develop an honest-to-goodness, income generating business sharing what I know and care about with others. This isn't quick or easy but it's real and it's working for me and I'll enjoy sharing the adventure with you.

Here are a few snapshots of future articles to whet your appetite:
Did you know that you don’t have to pay a realtor 6% of the sale price of your home - you can hire a real estate attorney for around $300?? - take a look at this dramatic savings on real estate sales!

Did you know that life insurance on you kids is an absolutely unbeatable tax-free savings plan that can make (if the premium is invested in “variable” products) as much as 12% per year?? And this works really quite well until the insured is over 35. For the whole story enjoy our article about Life Insurance - the Most Amazing Investment Tool!

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