Thank you so much for checking in to find out about us. We’re so glad you did because your interest is the key to what we’re all about.

You see, we are determined to create a remarkable website - and we can’t do it without you. A remarkable website because of it's quality and the amazing diversity of information and ideas that simply can't be generated by just a few individuals.

So we're determined to recruit a whole community of passionate new friends that together will help us build the most comprehensive coupon site imaginable! But that will only happen if you chose to join us and even contribute to new pages on the coupon topic of your choosing on our website.

Imagine, hundreds of contributors in this "coupon community", all sharing their ideas and discoveries and questions with each other. We believe that this community will uniquely help all of us get what we need and want at the very best possible prices! And maybe, just maybe, even improve and impact the coupon industry so that it's even better than it is now!

Won't you please join us?? You can join us and keep track of our progress and learn more about us by subscribing to our e-zine (sign up in the box at the top of the left column).

But what we'd really like is for you to jump into this community of contributing friends by sharing your insight, experiences or even funny stories about coupons and/or couponers which we'll turn into an actual page on the website with your first name and town on it so you can show your friends and challenge them to share as well!

  • Are you in a coupon group?? We'd love to hear about it - and seeing a picture or two as well would be great!
  • What's your favorite story about your best coupon experience ever!
  • Tell us how you got started with coupons and what keeps you going strong!
  • Do you know of articles or books that could help the newbies in our new community? We'd love to get your reviews.
  • Are you a manufacturer or a business that wants to explore the coupon phenomenon with real people or even tell our community about your product and/or service coupon offer? Come on in and join the fun!
  • The possibilities are endless so feel free to share on any coupon topic of your choice!

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    Happy Crowd

    What's ahead?? Here's some more about us:

    • We have dozens more pages planned to bring online in the next month (January 2012) that will make coupons and coupon codes available for you across a wide range of industries. In fact, we'd love to get your input on what industries you'd like us to service first. Just go to our "contact us" page and let us know. Remember, this is about community and your input whch will make this site - our site - a unique online one-stop coupon spot.
    • As our community of smart shoppers grows we'll introduce a concierge service that will let you tell us which coupons you're interested in using and we'll send them to your smart phone, laptop or desktop as soon as they become available, automatically! You'll have exactly the coupons you want - instantly and paperlessly!! How's that for Great Coupons Quick & Easy??

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