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Born and raised in Henryville, IN; Harlan Sanders’ amazing success story started in during the depression when he was 40. In an effort to survive the financial crisis, he began serving fried chicken to travelers who stopped at his gas station in North Corbin, Kentucky.

In spite of it’s humble beginning, his “Sanders Court and Cafe” was so successful that in 1935 the governor of Kentucky granted him the title of honorary Kentucky Colonel in recognition of his contribution to the state's cuisine and an American icon was launched! Within a year he’d expanded his restaurant to 142 seats and opened a motel next door!

When Sanders prepared his chicken in his original restaurant in North Corbin, he prepared the chicken in an iron skillet, which took about 30 minutes to do which was far long for a real restaurant operation so in 1939 he altered the cooking process for his fried chicken to use the just-introduced pressure cooker to give his customers fresh fried chicken, faster. By 1940 the Colonel had finalized what came to be known as his Original Recipe.

The Colonel with a Bucket

In 1952 the Colonel began actively franchising his chicken business traveling from town to town and cooking batches of chicken for restaurant owners. The first franchisee agreed to pay Sanders a nickel for every chicken sold. After 34 years of growth and more than 600 franchisees, Colonel Sanders sold the KFC franchise in 1964 for $2 million agreeing to continue as the company spokesman. In 1976, at 86, the Colonel was ranked as the world’s second most recognizable celebrity.

Today, KFC is in 110 countries with over 5,000 outlets in the US and KFC coupons are still the single most sought after dining coupons. How many chickens does it take to feed all of us our KFC ? 736 million chickens annually; that’s over 2 million chickens a day!!!

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