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Welcome to our "Coupon News" page! Is it surprising that we'd have a page like this for something so mundane as coupons? The truth is this industry is blossoming into something that will have great impact in hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few years! We are at the threshold of extraordinary advances that will transform the industry and affect so many more people and manufacturers and businesses.

How can we say that?? It's simple, the landscape we call “marketing” is undergoing gigantic changes - largely thanks to the impact of the internet - with many of the established marketing channels simply disappearing from the scene.

Suddenly, businesses and manufacturers are facing a huge dilemma - nobody's reading the morning paper or looking in the yellow pages and most of them really don’t get the social media channels yet - so coupons are looking like their best option for reaching the consumer. And consumers are comfortable with the notion of coupons - they just want coupons to be easier to find and to use.

The coupon industry is quickly adapting to all these changes and you can actually be a part of this adaptation by joining Great Coupons Quick and We want this site to reflect your needs and wants and to be proactively working with manufacturers and businesses so that the coupons you want become quicker and easier to get and to use. We want this site to be your site - your one-stop coupon spot - and we expect thousands of you to help us shape the future of the industry.


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