A Real Opportunity to Succeed!

I don't know about you, but I needed a real opportunity to succeed. I know full-well how to survive, but I decided that there had to be a real chance somewhere out there, that would give me a future - and a life.

You see, I'm in my 60's, with too much education, too much management experience and too many years of self-employment. After dozens and dozens of job applications and ever-improving resumes and not even a single "Thank you for applying" note; I finally got it - I'm virtually unemployable.

But I'm serious about making a living, I'm not bashful about working hard and when I see a real chance to succeed - I'm like a Pit Bull - I don't let go. But I don't play the lottery and I don't gamble.

If you're like me you've probably heard that the internet is a place where commerce is moving and where some people are actually making really good money.

So, maybe you've done this too, after wading through a sea of sales pitches and false promises - oh, and spending a good deal of money on things that just didn't work; I finally found a real opportunity! Imagine that!

One caveat, if you're looking for a get-rich-quick-without-doing-anything-scheme, this isn't it. This is real, it's serious and it delivers!

If you're willing to work hard to succeed - not for a day or two, but for as long as it takes - full-time or part-time - this opportunity will actually give you a future!

Truth is, SBI! has created a simple, strategic training program that gives you everything you need to know about internet marketing and teaches you - step-by-step - to create a truly functional and amazingly well-ranked (by the search engines) website of your very own - without you needing any programming skills.

After pouring hundreds of hours into the training and building my website (I told you this is serious business), I can unabashedly tell you that compared to all the come-on's on the web, this program is worth thousands of dollars!

Problem was, I didn't have thousands of dollars. So you can probably imagine how amazed and how grateful I was when I found out that the best program I've found - a program that's really changed my life and my future - is priced at about a dollar a day and even gave me a 90 day money-back guarantee!

So...if you're interested in a real future, are you willing to invest 30 minutes of your valuable time to watch a straightforward video - not a sales pitch - that lays out the whole program?? Click the link below.

When you have finished viewing the video, please return to this page because, if you're sincerely interested in this opportunity, SBI! has taken ALL the risk out of the equation and I'll share that with you when you return to this page.

To open the door to this opportunity -
one that never promises you the moon - or a winning lottery ticket -
but delivers an incredibly comprehensive training program
as well as all the tools you'll need to actually succeed
in the lucrative world of internet marketing, click here!

OK, did you enjoy the video? I hope so. If you feel like I did when I'd finished watching it, you're impressed with Solo Build It! You appreciated its professionality; its thoughtful approach to giving you the full deal - and not just a fragment of what you'll need to create a truly, functional and profitable website; and the absence of a pushy sales pitch or any wild promises.

If you - again, like I did - believe that Solo Build It! offers a real opportunity and not some fantasy; and if you are determined to succeed and are prepared to work hard to gain that success; then the only real questions to answer are: "How much will this cost?" and "When can I start?"

I have to tell you, having tried several other programs which offered the moon and fell way short, I was stuck on the cost issue. And that's why I just am so impressed with Solo Build It! They really understand us.

You'll see that during the training videos - it's like they know us so well that at just the right time - when you're starting to feel overwhelmed or confused - they have just the right encouragement (in the videos) to help you keep on keepin' on.

So here's their amazing offer that solved my fears about "going for it". Solo Build It! is so confident that this opportunity will so totally impress you that they'll let you start on this path toward an abundant future for less than a dollar a day - billed monthly - AND give you a full 90 day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Now you can really get into the training and building your new site with total peace of mind about the outcome.

So now the only question left is "When do you start?"

Let me assure you from my personal experience. This is the real deal, it really works and it can change your life!

you are the only one who can to pull the trigger and if you're like me, if you hesitate, you won't get back to this and your chance to really change your future...well, you know.

Oh, one last thing. If you decide to get serious about your future and click the link below, I'd like to make myself available to you as someone who's a bit ahead of you on this path; to provide encouragement or share what I've learned or listen when you need to express yourself. Just fill in the first name and email address boxes in the "Contact Us" page and we can start our conversation. I'm looking forward to it!

So take a step of faith! Click this link
and step into your wonderfully bright future!

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