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Popeyes coupons - so what's the story behind the Louisiana Kitchen? It first opened in a suburb of New Orleans in 1972 as "Chicken on the Run". It's first franchise opened in 1976 and over the next decade 500 more stores opened. The Company went global in 1984 and continues to expand internationally.

In a national fast test, Popeyes beat KFC and Church's Chicken and started to refer to itself as "America's Fried Chicken Champ"!

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In 1996 the Summer Olympics came to Atlanta, the Company opened it's 1,000th restaurant and won the "Best Fried Chicken" in Dallas, Atlanta and New Orleans - unheard of in the quick-service restaurant industry.

In the Company's own words: "Louisiana is home to some of the finest cooking in the world. Down here food is a passion, and recipes aren’t just written down - they’re passed down from generation to generation. The food is respected, and it shows in the slow and thoughtful way it’s prepared. Today’s world moves at a fast pace. People need to eat on the go, but don’t want to settle for tasteless and bland. Well, there’s a place where these worlds come together. Where tradition meets the modern drive-thru. Where authentic cooking combines with value. Where real food meets real fast."

"At Popeyes, it's all about the food - flavorful, Louisiana-inspired recipes from some of America's most creative and talented chefs. Our menu from our original award-winning fried chicken and red beans and rice to the Popeyes Louisiana Legends line of over-rice dishes - was shaped by our Cajun and Creole heritage."

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