Printable coupons - what a great idea! Thanks to the development of the internet, in 1990 the first of these "printables" became available online. Rather than picking up 10 Sunday newspapers and spending hours and hours finding and cutting out coupons (some folks actually still prefer the "hunt" and even do it together with other couponers); now you can simply search online for the coupons you’re interested in using, print them and then go to the store!

Cutting Printable Coupons

Coupons that you can print at home are smart for the manufacturers and retailers (think of the cost of the paper alone) and it’s really great for the consumer because now she can search for the ones she wants and just print those!

While there are coupons you can print for all kinds of things, there are a couple of things you should know.

First, when you search for “printable coupons” most of the sites you’ll find are marketing mostly grocery coupons with just a few other types thrown into the mix.

Second, there are thousands of sites offering these coupons but there are really only a handful of sites that actually let you print coupons because they have software (which you download) which will create a coupon on your computer printer that the stores’ scanners can read accurately.

The other sites that you’ll find when searching “printable coupons” just refer you back to the few that can actually let you print coupons. We’ll save you a whole lot of trouble by directing you to the few sites that will actually print coupons for you.

At this point in the growth of the industry (quantum leaps are coming), some of these sites that we’ll connect you with, will require your contact information before you can download their software, but they do actually let you print coupons.

Here are our favorites in the printable niche. Click on these logos to be taken to their sites and print the coupons of your choice!



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